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Wunderschöne, einzigartige Yogamatten

We’ve set out to create beautiful, eco-friendly yoga mats that are as unique as your practice. 
Your mat, just like your practice, doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s.

Matilicious - Wunderschöne Yogamatten
Matilicious - Wunderschöne Yogamatten
Matilicious - Wunderschöne Yogamatten

Unsere Designs

'Carina Nebula'

Travel to the infinite vastness of the universe, to the origins of all that is. Collect stardust, the stuff of which we are ultimately all made of. Based off an actual photograph of the Carina nebula, located 10,000 lightyears away from earth. Goosebumps galore.


Be taken deep into the amazon rain forest with itsleaves and flowers magically lit by the moon. Plants twine around giant flowers overflowing with energy. Far away from the noise of the city we dive into the pristine, wild and beautiful nature of the forest.

'Sacred Symmetry'

Standing in clear contrast to the wildness of ‚Midnight Bloom‘. Everything is in order. Everything is symmetrical. Inspired by Indian mandalas and Arabic mosaics this mat brings plenty of color to your practice and invites you to align your asanas with its pattern.