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Ever wondered what happened at a yoga teacher training? - Part 2

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Have you ever wondered, what exactly happens at a yoga teacher training? Our good friend Angelina from is on her way to Tenerife for a one month training and is sharing her experiences as the training unfolds.

You can read about her experiences in German on her blog, or find the english translation below.

Part 2 - Week 1 and my first yoga class

Finally I have a regular daily routine again.

After six days of routine, I was really looking forward to a free day today. (Yet I still went to the yoga shala this morning to practice my sun salutations. It’s already an established habit.)

Behind me lays an intensive week of practice. Comparing Monday, my first day to yesterday (Friday), the progress is huge. I actually directed my first class yesterday! Monday I was still a total rookie, yesterday I chanted my first ‘Om’ in front of my first class of students.

I’m really happy here. I love the school just as much as the five girls that are training with me to become yoga teachers. From the first day on it felt as if we had known each other for years already. The girls are from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and Germany. They are all avid travellers, too.

Have an insight into our daily routines:

We get up early and are expected at the shala at 7am. We are not supposed to speak before the first morning meditation. In general we try to avoid too much stimulation in the morning, which really isn’t easy for me. But well, you learn to work it out with yourself if you had a bad night for example, instead of indulging in it by telling everyone about it. Makes it so much easier to just let it go.

Our days start at 7 and end at 7. In between lay four hours of yoga practice (yes, 4 hours!), four hours of yoga theory and one hour with varying topics such as breathing techniques like Pranayama. four hours sounds tough? It is! Every part of my body is aching by now, even though we still sit a lot to discuss the details of each asana. I’m curious to how it’ll be if that seated discussion time becomes less and less…

The rest of the time, it isn’t really that much, we relax at the pool or on the roof and enjoy the beautiful views.

We also use that time to practice Karma Yoga. What is that? Simple. It means we participate in the organization of the household. We cook for ourselves, keep everything clean and do so, without expecting anything in return. Of course we use our breaks to study, review and prepare our very own yoga classes.

I wouldn’t have thought that I would get to direct a class after one week already, but I did and I have to say it was a great experience. I was really nervous before but it worked like a charm. I got great feedback from teachers and students alike which was a great start into the weekend! This step out of my comfort zone was rewarded dearly!

Now I’m relaxing by the pool and looking forward to what the next week will bring.

We'll keep you posted on Angelinas experiences every week. Come back here on Monday, to find out what happens in week 2.

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