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Ever wondered, what happens at a yoga teacher training? - Part 1

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Have you ever wondered, what exactly happens at a yoga teacher training? Our good friend Angelina from is on her way to Tenerife for a one month training and is sharing her experiences as the training unfolds.

You can read about her experiences in German on her blog, or find the english translation below:






Dear readers,


as soon as I arrived back in Germany after travelling, i'm starting again. My very personal adventure in yoga starts today and I am really looking forward to it.

Have you ever totally fulfilled a cliché? I just feel a bit like that. You take a time out, go on a journey around the world, search for yourself and then decide ... to become a yoga teacher. (Apart from that, the fact that Sri Lanka is my second home and mama was a former yoga teacher, adds up perfectly.)

In doing so, I took the step especially for myself and above all not to teach yoga in retrospect. This thought was formed only in recent times.

The initial spark happened in Sri Lanka, where I was able to get to know so many different yoga teachers and thus so many different styles of teaching. I did yoga during Ayurveda therapy, at a Yoga Hotel, at my cousin’s, in the living room with her guru... :-)). All of these experiences showed me the indescribable effects of yoga and rekindled my enthusiasm for practice.

Starting today I'm diving into the world of yoga for an entire month and I am so excited about what it has to offer. I am looking forward to the philosophy, to the small group of only 8 people and also to the restrictions such as the vegetarian diet, no coffee, no alcohol, strict daily routine from 6.30 am, no mobile phones and last but not least, living for 4 weeks out of a cabin bag. And, most of all, of course, the insights that are waiting there for me.

If you are curious to what will happen during the coming 4 weeks of Angelinas yoga teacher training, keep coming on Monday to find the latest update here or on her blog.

Until then we wish you all a great week!

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