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Ever wondered what happens at a yoga teacher training? - Part 4

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Have you ever wondered, what exactly happens at a yoga teacher training? Our good friend Angelina from is on her way to Tenerife for a one month training and is sharing her experiences as the training unfolds.

You can read about her experiences in German on her blog, or find the english translation below.

It's over. The periods of sitting down for hours listening to teachings finally comes to an end. I wonder if it is a change for good?

It really just teaches me one thing: We are never content with what is.

After all, the sitting has just made way to holding asanas for 2 minutes each, which is a whole lot more difficult and exhausting.

I find it incredible, how quickly our bodies adjust if we practice continuously, or if we are able to face our egos. It's key to recognise your own limits, the healthy ones as well as the unhealthy ones. It takes a while to be in tune with your body well enough to be able to do this).

Rule No. 1: Yoga is not a competition, your awareness rests with you and not the people around you. 

It's not entirely true though. While it's not a competition between you and others you can see it as a competition between you and your self. Your Ego.

Your Ego, that wants to be entertained during your meditation, that gets bored during the long sittings but also doesn't want to stay in an Asana for 2 minutes. The Ego that will give up quickly if something isn't going its way but that also wants to do better than the person next to you.

That's how we are, who we are. Every day controlled by our Egos. Wanting to be better, with the least effort possible.


Yoga confronts us with our Ego constantly. That's not always as relaxing as it may look from the outside. It brings us to our physical and mental limits and it's the experience at these limits that let us grow. 

Oh my, have I found many of these limits last week. Be it during our 2-minute Asanas, not acessing my phone for a week or staying off sugar. Also the now already 3 week-long routine starting at 6:30am eveery morning ... I'm surprisingly disciplined. Much more than I'm used to. For example I'm a lot more tidy and have finished a homework long before the deadline for the first time in my life. Realising that many of our limitations are self-constructed, fuelled by our imagination, makes it easier to break through them.

Wether it's sitting or holding an Asana, it comes down to what you make of it!

I'm approaching my final week here with plenty of examinations. I'll let you know how that went next Sunday.

Until then, have a great week and Namasté!

We'll keep you posted on Angelinas experiences every week. Come back here on Monday, to find out what happens in week 2.


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