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Ever wondered what happens at a yoga teacher training ? - Part 5

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I made it! I'm now officially a yoga teacher. How cool's that? I'm really happy and so excited about what comes next. This is only the beginning!


Chin Chin

My exams week was quite tough, as expected. However, it's doable. I completed a total of 5 exams: A beginners class, an advanced class, several essays as well as a practical and a written exam.

During this final week our group has moved even closer together and we were able to support each other perfectly.

Made it

My highlight from this last week was my advanced class, during which I made our teacher cry. I conducted the class around a central theme, the heart chakra. The class was about awareness for ourselves and our surroundings. My small plea at the end seemed to be very moving:

"If you do something from a feeling of love, it can't be wrong."


To celebrate passing all our exams, we've made a little excursion to the beach where we all, for the first time after 4 weeks, were able to toast each other with an ice cold beer. Not very yogic, but so good.

Four incredibly insightful weeks are over. I've grown a lot outwards and inwards. It was a great experience and I feel very connected to everybody here. I'll miss my four 'classmates'. We will however, stay in touch and we've come up with a nice little exercise where we all pick 3 Asanas, that we struggle with and want to work on, so that we can update each other on our progress regularly. My 3 Asanas for this challenge are headstand, splits and bow.

That was it so far from my yoga teacher training, but my yoga journey has really just begun!

Namasté :-*

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